Thoubal College, Thoubal Observed Good Governance Day on November 25, 2021.

Courses of Studies

Choice of subjects in the under graduate course

Bachelor of Sciences (B.Sc.)

Sl.noSubject CombinationCode No. of Seats
1 Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics Ps1100
2Physics, Mathematics, StatisticsPs250
3Physics, Mathematics,EconomicsPs325
4Physics, Statistics, EconomicsPs425
5Physics, Mathematics,EconomicsPs530
6Physics, Mathematics,Computer SciencePs620
7Physics,Chemistry, GeologyPs720
8 Mathematics,Statistics, EconomicPs810
9Physics, Chemistry,Computer SciencePs620
10Physics, Chemistry, GeographyPs1020

Group-B(Life Sciences)

Sl.noSubject CombinationCode No. of Seats
1 Botany, Zoology, Chemistry Ls1200
2 Chemistry, Zoology, Geology Ls230
1 Chemistry, Botany, Geology Ls1200

Bachelor Of Arts(B.A.)

Sl.noSubject CombinationCode
1Eco, Edn, Pol Sc AR1
2Eco, His, Pol Sc AR2A
3Eco, Man, Pol Sc AR3
4Math, Eco, Pol Sc AR4A
5His, Edn, Pol Sc AR5A
6His,Pol Sc, Manipuri AR6A
7His,Pol Sc, English AR7A
8Pol Sc, Manipuri, Edn AR8A
9Geo, His, Manipuri AR9
10Geo, His, English AR10
11Geo, Maths, Eco AR11
12Manipuri English, Pol.Sc AR12
13 English, Edn, Pol.Sc AR13
14Maths, Stat,Eco AR14

Students offering the subjects in column A below must haved passed the subject(s) shown in column B in the Higher Secondary (Science) or equivalent eaxamination recognised by the Manipur University. Column A Column B
1 Botany Biology & Chemistry
2 Zoology Biology & Chemistry
3 Maths. or Statistics Mathematics
4 Geology Geology Or Chemistry
5 Physics Physics & Mathematics
6 Chemistry Chemistry & Maths(for Honours)
7 Computer Science Computer Science/Maths